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- La'Asia Stith | CEO

Creative Panda Marketing works with culture-leading artists & entrepreneurs

to develop solution-based art & brands for the future of

art, beauty, cannabis, entertainment, & fashion. 


We're best suited for entrepreneurs shifting the market with

unique products & brand innovations. 


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BillyDee speaks his truths, 'Abundance' gives music lovers an exceptional sound by a confident artist that consistently gives life to each production becoming masterpieces in time. Set to release February 12, 2021, "Abundance" is already captivating minds and elevating perspectives. Check out our journey with #IamBillyDee as he rises to success. 

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Hip hop legend Smooth B, 1/2 of the 90's Rap Group Nice & Smooth returns to the music scene with a special remix of his 2020's top charted hit single "Before", now featuring E.D.I. Mean & Noble of Tupac's Outlawz gives us an original take of a 90's east coast classic hip hop mixed with a smooth west coast vibe.

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The Penton Twins, the perfect duo for double trouble, on the big screen of course. Catch Malcolm & Martin as they debut in their first short film, 'The Matrix Reborn' by the legendary YouTube director @King_Vader.